Boris Johnson advertising all the things he hasn’t done.

Back in May 2020 Boris Johnson promised the UK a “World beating track & trace system”.

BBC News May 20th 2020

8 months later, £22billion pounds have been handed to the private sector, with NOTHING to show for it, Johnson and his Government have quietly shelved that idea.

The Track & Trace contract was handed to SERCO, a professional services company set up to run what was once run by the Government and public services. SERCO had ZERO experience in delivering anything like this. SERCO sub-let the call centre element of this system to amongst others, Ventrica, a call centre…

Does Government money supply create inflation?

Even though monetarism was quietly retired in the UK nearly 40 years ago (because it didn’t work) here we are in 2021 and every mainstream politician and economic pundit, still frames their argument for not spending for public purpose, as if it does.

Though the UK Government can create as much Sterling denominated money as it wants, whenever it wants, it can’t spend it, if what it wants to purchase is not for sale. PPE being a fine example. Hancock told us “Money is not problem” but he wasn’t able to buy the PPE, as it wasn’t available. What was…

When walking away was the wrong thing to do.

On February 8th, I attended the funeral service of my friend Daniel Edward Tripp. I wrote of my first reactions two days after his death in December 2020:

Dan overdosed on prescription pills and like the vast majority who attempt suicide, he didn’t really mean to kill himself. It was a cry for help, having finally reached the bottom of his own personal abyss. Unfortunately, for Dan, it was the last role of the dice. …

In 2012, the then Coalition Government of Chuckle Brothers; David Cameron and Liberal Democrat, Nick Clegg, put into legislation the Health and Social Care Act.

This insidious bill — which has been completely overlooked by the British Media — removed for the first time since the NHS’s creation in 1948, the duty of the Sec of State in the provision of a comprehensive, universal NHS that is free at the point of clinical need which is publicly funded, owned, managed and delivered by NHS staff.

You have to rewind to September 2010, 4 months into the Coalition Government’s unfortunate life, to find three representatives of the huge American health insurance company United Health attending a lobbying meeting which the then Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, gave to the Commissioning Services Industry Group. …

As Brexit still grinds ever tediously on, all the attention has been on Withdrawal and Trade Agreements and what was on the side of a bus. No-one paid much attention to the state of the Eurozone and its 20 year experiment in the creation a Supra Non-Sovereign Currency….The Euro.

Even though the Maastricht Criteria boasted about letting member states sink or swim — brave words that remained untested, until member states did indeed sink — this was all quickly forgotten when in the wake of the 2007 GFC, the ECB came running to the aid of member states in the financial cack.

ECB largesse came at a terrifying price…

The ECB, being a Supra-National Currency Issuer (The Euro) did as all Central Banks are obliged to do, act as a ‘Lender of last resort’ and the ECB came to the rescue of drowning Eurozone members. …

One persons Utopia, is another persons Brexit…

  • This was first published on the Pileus website in 2017. It has been slightly updated to reflect what has happened since*

The world seems to be an increasingly binary place, perhaps more so than any time since the late 1970’s, when Thatcher, swiftly followed by Reagan and then every other nation, unleashed the turbo charged work of the Chicago economists upon the world…Neo-Liberalism

Brexiteers told us that their Utopian vision was the CORRECT one and rested with the UK throwing off the shackles of the EU to float around the seven seas aboard HMS Britannia, in free trade festival of…

Richard Nixon beat his Democratic opponent, George McGovern, by 23-points in the popular vote in the 1972 Presidential election. ..

In the aftermath of McGovern’s defeat, the Democratic Party moved relentlessly towards the centre and the centre moved relentlessly towards the right, with each passing election, from 1976 onwards. Since 1980, any Democratic contender who invoked leftish policies, or radicalism would hear the political and media establishment shout ‘’McGovern!’’. The Democrats’ fear of a McGovern-ocolypse is, as per usual, history re-written. McGovern lost NOT because he was too lefty. He lost in the face of a popular, canny President presiding over a buoyant economy at full pelt due to the demands of the Vietnam war and the end of the…

How the UK Government revels in food shaming the poorest kids…

Suffer the children said Jesus. The UK’s Conservative Government have taken him literally.

As COVID continues to lay bare the carnage of decades Neo-Liberal Economics defunding society, a national travesty was largely ignored by the British media, namely that for the first time in 70 years, UNICEF sent 18,000 food parcels to 25 schools with a cohort of vulnerable kids, in the London Borough of Southwark for Christmas.

Why Southwark?

  • 40% of kids live in low-income households, with 19% in households with zero employment.
  • Nearly 50% of the Southwark demographics are BAME. and inevitably the usual social evils follow:


*Childhood obesity.

*Preventable mortality.

*London can’t feed its children.

If we pull the…

Sir Keir on the right, sabotaging Corbyn from 2016 onwards…

On BBC Breakfast & GMB, Sir Keir Starmer told us that he realised some weeks ago closing schools was “inevitable”. Which is odd, because only the day before, Labour were briefing the media to keep schools open.

Indeed, when his own Shadow Education Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey publicly backed teaching unions in September 2020, asking for schools to stay closed until and this is the crucial part — they were safe for teachers and kids to return to i.e. mass testing — he sacked her, though he managed to crow bar in some anti-Semitism blather into the mix.

At every turn since, Starmer has demanded, in the face of mounting scientific evidence and clarion calls from front-line unions, that: “No ifs or buts. Schools must remain open”. No caveats. No mention of safety. No mention of mass testing.

Duncan Poundcake

Loser in a Lost Land…

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