Herd Immunity Day — A Celebration of National Stupidity…#TheyMadeYouAMoron

Yesterday was ‘Freedom Day’ in the UK. The day when pretty much all ‘Lock Down’ restrictions were lifted and the good people of England can go about their God given business.

Duncan Poundcake
2 min readJul 20, 2021


Jail everyone I don’t personally agree with…

This wasn’t freedom from Covid-19 Day. The figures of Covid-19 infections continue to rise exponentially and are predicted, by the UK Government itself, to hit 200,000 new infections a day. Basic maths tells you that equates to more cases requiring hospitalisations and more deaths. If Herd Immunity is the strategy, then the Government have made zero preparations to bolster the NHS for the oncoming tsunami of hospitalisations.


On this day, we had Anti-Lockdowners protesting in London, even though what they were protesting about had vanished and Anti-Vaxxers telling us that the Vaccine was a Soros/Gates conspiracy to eliminate and control (Seemingly confusion there) That vaccines are “bioweapons” and “Surveillance systems” with an “electrical charge” that can transmit and receive signals from 5G towers. She adds people who have been vaccinated will likely die “within two years” and the NHS was the ‘New Auschwitz’. That particular gem was cooked up be an ex-Nurse, Kate Shemirani…

Kate insists doubters ‘’Are jealous of my good looks’’.


Here in England, anything you don’t like is now deemed a conspiracy and if you disagree you are a Marxist and an enemy of the people.

The Government seemingly bored of doing its job — protecting and improving the nation and its inhabitants because that chapter was missing from ‘Atlas Shrugged’, has all but given up. The best they can offer is to have a jab, maybe two and hope for the best. Meanwhile, they will get back to the business of inviting American Healthcare to run the NHS.

God Save the Queen and all who sink in this septic isle…



Duncan Poundcake