How the curtain of Brexit revealed the EU Wizard of Oz & Globalism…

Duncan Poundcake
4 min readOct 14, 2021

Brexit isn’t the problem. 40 years of Neo-Liberal Economics is…

As ever, the Brexit debate is as free of nuance as it was 22 months ago, or for that matter in 2016. The UK Government was presented with Operation Yellow Hammer in 2016, outlining the immediate problems that would appear once we left. This report was knocking around Government for years. Seemingly it was completely ignored.

20190802_Latest_Yellowhammer_Planning_assumptions_CDL.pdf (

We have a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK…

The numbers have been on a downward trend for over 4 years.

Government ministers are now on our television sets telling us they knew all this years ago; Long hours. Low pay. Poor conditions. Seemingly this knowledge was ignored.

The Haulage industry are now telling us they known for years that the industry suffered from Long hours. Low pay. Poor conditions. Seemingly they chose to do nothing about it.

Both parties knew this was a problem when the country voted to Leave. Neither did anything to plan to ensure their were enough HGV drivers until the point the UK didn’t have enough HGV drivers.

• Chart: The UK Lorry Driver Shortage | Statista

*None of this was caused by Brexit. It was caused by Neo-Liberalism and its public front, Globalism, which has removed all barriers to allow Capital to flow wherever it likes, no questions asked. A by product of which, has seen whole industries and jobs sent abroad. Job and employment protections stripped away. Union recognition eroded. Mass immigration across borders, driving down wages in low value industries. A story you can see having unfolded across the globe for decades*.

Fuel and supermarkets have outsourced their lorries and drivers to third parties, allowing them to off load the cost to some else. Those…

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