The Sir Keir Starmer Time Machine…

Duncan Poundcake
2 min readJan 5, 2021
Sir Keir on the right, sabotaging Corbyn from 2016 onwards…

On BBC Breakfast & GMB, Sir Keir Starmer told us that he realised some weeks ago closing schools was “inevitable”. Which is odd, because only the day before, Labour were briefing the media to keep schools open.

Indeed, when his own Shadow Education Secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey publicly backed teaching unions in September 2020, asking for schools to stay closed until and this is the crucial part — they were safe for teachers and kids to return to i.e. mass testing — he sacked her, though he managed to crow bar in some anti-Semitism blather into the mix.

At every turn since, Starmer has demanded, in the face of mounting scientific evidence and clarion calls from front-line unions, that: “No ifs or buts. Schools must remain open”. No caveats. No mention of safety. No mention of mass testing.

Of course, that was until Johnson said they should close. Sir Keir did an Olympic Gymnast like about turn claiming he said weeks ago they should shut. An utter lie when only 24 hours before his own cabinet were being interviewed saying the complete opposite. Keir hot footed it and jumped into his Time Machine and rewrote history for Breakfast TV.

And this encapsulates Sir Keir only too well. Too busy shamefully indulging himself as he dances to the tune of his party’s right wing paymasters with anti-Semitic witch-hunts and purging of any left-wing dissent, whilst the nation sinks ever further into a slow-motion disaster. Never seemingly having an opinion of his own. Shadowing the Prime Minister and offering support instead of muscular opposition with ideas and solutions. Always ready to volte face when Johnson makes a move and an “I told you so”.

Tony Benn had a name for Sir Keir Starmer…”A Weather Cock. Blowing in the wind”.

Duncan Poundcake