UK Covid-19. The Blitz spirit clowns…

Duncan Poundcake
5 min readOct 13, 2021
“Tonight we burn responsibility in the fire
We’ll watch the flames grow higher
But if you get too burnt, you can’t come back home”…

**12th October 2021**…

** Joint Health & Science Committee publish their long awaited report into Boris Johnson’s Governments response to Coronavirus**…

**You can wince your way through it here:**

Coronavirus: lessons learned to date — Health and Social Care, and Science and Technology Committees — House of Commons (

Euphemistically titled: ‘Lessons Learned’, it is shy to apportion blame but it does lift the lid on the bizarre John Bull mindset of the Boris Johnson Government and the British Civil Service.

Much of it just confirms what has become so apparent after 18 months:

1)Herd Immunity really was policy.

2) Myopia with Herd Immunity, delayed the lockdown until late March 2020, at the cost of possibly thousands of unnecessary deaths.

3) That myopia prevented the Johnson Government, from looking at how Asian countries, who had dealt with recent Corona Virus out breaks, for guidance.

4) That myopia, morphed into ‘groupthink’ . If you look at those countries close to — and including China, they managed to limit the virus spreading, by imposing strict rules around isolation and travel in, out & around their countries, a month before the UK locked down.

5. That myopia led the Johnson Government, generally drunk on the Union Jack (Seemingly every minister wheeled out for interview, always has a flag draped limply behind them, as well as copies of their own books, or books that attempt to make them look smart) to poo poo any other approach for not being ‘British’. Potentially it cost 30,000 lives.


Well The British have traded on their plucky little nation myth for 80 years. Standing alone against the face of the Luftwaffe and the Nazi onslaught, still inculcates the corridors of power with the:

“Britain Knows best. We had an Empire and won both world wars you know. Keep Calm & Carry On. Stiff upper lip and pass the sugar old boy”.

It is this idiocy of superior-ness in the…

Duncan Poundcake